Thousands of mother's life will save new drugs

Thousands of mother’s life will save new drugs

The World Health Organization (WHO) has discovered a new drug. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that many newly discovered drugs will survive the lives of many mothers. The effectiveness of these medicines will be effective for up to a thousand days at a higher temperature. Of these, the drug will not be wasted at high temperatures.

It is seen that many mothers bleed after the birth of a newborn. It is known that the drug is severely effective in stopping the bloodshed. Besides, the drug tolerates more temperature. The name of the drug is carbotacin.

Every year 70 thousand women die due to bloodshed. In the current market, the mother’s bleeding stoppage of birth of a newborn baby is not effective at all. The World Health Organization advised to give oxytocin injections to release them from the current medical treatment.