This Summer I'm Going to…

My summer holiday is finally here! It feels amazing to know that I’ll have enough time to rest and just do the things I love doing. But what are my summer holiday plans? In this post I will share these simple things I look forward doing.

In my summer holiday I am going to:

1. Swim

Last year when we were on a boat a lot I really got into swimming. As Finland is a land of thousands lakes we Finns really should take advantage of our clean and fresh lakes. Swimming in a cold water boosts your immunity and aids your body to recover from a workout. It truly is an empowering feeling after you rise from the cold water!

2. Invest in my recovery and sleep

Rest is so important. When I have had a good night’s sleep, I am able to create interesting blog posts. I’ll admit it that sometimes I have too much on my plate but that is because I get so easily excited about life and  new things that I donΒ΄t always notice how this will drain my energy levels in the long run. I am trying to prevent this by sleeping a lot and trying not to do anything for the first few weeks of my holiday.. I already have interesting ideas about this blog and other work related projects but I have to put them aside for a while..

3. Eat a lot of berries

Hello there vitamins and antioxidants! Can’t get enough from you! I’m buying a new juicer which will fit better into my kitchen so I can make fresh juices more often.

4. Spend time with my son and travel

My son is growing so fast and this is one reason that I want to have a quality holiday trip with him soon. Just the two of us πŸ’—

5. Play football and do more yoga

As I mentioned before I quit my gym membership and that has been one of the best decisions in a while. Now I can focus my time on the things I actually want to do: play soccer and do more yoga. We have many football games in this summer so it will be quite exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time!

6. Spend a lot of time in the forest and on our boat

Oh, how I love the forest! Spending time in the forest is so good for you in many ways: you will connect with the nature, breath oxygen rich air, your stress levels will decrease…Also this year my husband will have a nice holiday so we will be on our boat.

Other things:

visit Joensuu
visit Savonlinna
visit Helsinki
travel to Greek
do morning runs every week
eat ice cream
spend one week without opening my computer
sleep as long as I want
read a book late in the night
go on an over night date with my hubby
start nutrition coach studies
pick up flowers and herbs
make a face lotion
cook vegan food
have coffee dates with my friends
make fresh juices
go for a walk with my friends

However, even as it is my earned summer holiday, I still plan to post 1-2 times per week. So I hope you will stick around! I also have an exciting announcement to make during the summer time! Cannot wait to share it with you.

In the mean while I hope you have a relaxing summer holiday ahead!
Lots of love,
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