8 Tips to Improve Your Health

Although I hate to admit it, fall is coming and summer will soon be behind us. But if you think positively,  fall is a great time to check your healthy habits and acquire new ones. Here are my 8 Tips how to improve your well being in this fall.

1.Consume less coffee or stop drinking it completely

I did this again when my work started. During the summer time I enjoyed coffee maybe four times per weeks and in some weeks even every day. As school started I cut down coffee entirely and as a result my sleep has been soooo good. I wake up feeling refreshed and most importantly I don´t wake up during the night. Here is my dedicated post about How I quit drinking coffee and it changed my life.

2. Reduce the amount of sugar you eat

Needless to say sugar is aging us and giving a lot of troubles to our bodies. I wrote about the harmful effects of sugar in here.

3. Drink one juice per day

By this I don´t mean orange juice or apple juices sold in the store. Instead drink your own juices. Juicing is a great way to hydrate your body and give your body nutrients. Juices are good supplements for coffee and tea. Too much caffeine is never a good thing. By owning your own juicer you can make the kind of drink you want at the moment. If you crave something fresh and green, make a juice from cucumber, avocado and lemon. If you crave something sweet, try making a juice from pine apple and orange. Now when the apples are ripe, try to make apple juice. My son loves this!

4. Fast 12 hours each night

If you want to try just one thing to lose weight, try the 12 hour rule. This means that you will have 12 hour break between your dinner and breakfast. Read more here.

5. Go to bed half an hour earlier each day

This is easy to apply to your life. Commit to this and you will wake up feeling more energetic. Try for one week. That´s all! Click here my other tips how to improve your sleep.

6. Be more grateful

There have been a lot of studies which indicate that people who are grateful are the happiest people. Write a gratitude journal. Tips for that in this post.

7. Get yourself a hobby

It is very important to have meaningful things in life besides work and home. It can be anything you love to do. Find enough time to do what YOU actually want to do. If it is a hobby which will move your body then you will get even more health benefits.

8.Laugh more

When is the last time you laughed so hard it made your belly hurt? If you cannot remember, maybe it´s time to start laughing more. Laughter is the best therapy. Laughter decreases stress hormones and improves your body´s resistance to disease.
Lastly a bonus tip:

learn how to eat healthy food in your everyday life. Now is the right time to ditch sugar and processed foods and invest in your own health! Have you checked my Nutrition Packages or Workout Plans? All my packages are now for sale, Healthy Eating Basic for 19€ and Fit for Life Basic 19 €. 

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How to Stay Young and Healthy

The other day I watched a really interesting BBC document about how to stay young and more specifically how to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. As you get older your brains begin to shrink. As a result of this your cognitive skills diminish. How to prevent this? The key is to use your brains on a daily basis. More specifically scientists have discovered that learning a new language has the most efficient way to prevent dementia because learning will increase the size of your brain. According to these scientists other important ways to affect the size of your brain were

  • reading
  • exercising in general
  • learning a new skill, such as playing guitar
  • studying
In the document researches investigated whether regular walks or ping poll plays had an effect on the brain tissue. The test groups walked or played ping poll for 2 hours per week. The results revealed that both test groups gained positive effects on their brain tissue because of their increased exercise. Moreover, their cognitive skills imporoved and in general their mood was better. Some persons reported that they felt more alive and alert.
Also food played an important role in preventing diseases. The document investigated a Japanese village called Okinowa where the most healthiest people on earth happen to live. People in this village had 50% less dementia and 80% Alzheimer’s disease than Western people. What did these people eat? They ate a lot of

  • purple sweet potatoe
  • red grapes
  • red cabbage
  • blackcurrants
  • blackberries
These foods have in common that they include anthocyanins. Read more in here.

Other interesting study which I came across was a study which examined the most important factor how to age better. This factor is not a gym membership or relationships, rather according to this study living a purposeful life will give you more years to live. This sounds convincing, if you feel like you have a purpose in life, you will enjoy your life and live to the fullest.
Lastly one fact which is constantly linked to living healthy and long is to have an ideal weight. This means not too much or not too little fat tissue. If you want to find your ideal weight and want help with your diet, check my Healthy Eating Basic program.  In this program you will learn how to eat right and find a balance in your eating habits.
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