The Best Method to Lose Weight

In my opinion what makes a person successful in losing weight is the person’s motivation and determination. If you are determined to succeed you will succeed. No one can decide on your behalf, the initiation must come from you. After that comes the methods which you will choose. If I were to say what is the most important thing when trying to lose weight, it would be meal prepping. This really is the key to success. When you plan before hand all your meals, you have no choice but to succeed!By choosing healthy ingredients and preparing dishes over these, you don’t need to count calories. At the end of the day what it comes down to is to eat basic nutrient dense food. It might sound boring but it’s the truth. You don’t need expensive superfoods, protein supplements,”magic pills” or weight loss drinks. Moreover, you don’t have to think about your macros or how to divide them through your day. Planning your meals so that vegetables and whole food grains are the basis of your diet you cannot go wrong.

How do you do this?

On Sundays plan ahead the next week’s meals and go grocery shopping. In the grocery shop stick to your grocery list and don’t buy anything extra! Then at home prepare the meals. If you don’t know which food items to eat, you can try my Healthy Eating Basic online nutrition plan. You will have healthy meals planned for you.

Save time

Do as much preparation as possible during the weekend. Planning helps to save time and it is easier to continue to eat healthy even when you are busy.
It is a simple as that. Make a commitment and start TODAY!
Until next time,
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Improve Your Health with this Tip

Nature heals. That’s what people say and I couldn’t agree more. As you know my family and I own a boat and we love to spend our time outdoors. I have always been an outdoor person but I haven’t thought about why nature is important to me until recently. Since my holiday ended life has become more hectic. This leads that every time I feel that I’m busy I start to feel stressed out. Here is when I need to hit the pause button and stop to think how I want to live my life. As much as I love scheduling things, exercising and learning new things, there’s only 24 hours in a day. I need to remind myself of that. So what do I do to stop the stress over coming my life? It’s simple, I just connect with nature. I have a walk in the forest, swim in a lake, pick berries, water my plants. It can be whatever but the most beneficial for me is to pack up my bags and spend the entire weekend on our boat. 24 hours fresh air, green forests, blue and cold lakes guaranteed. Even food tastes better outside. Not to mention spending time with my family. There are no other obligations: eat, swim, breathe, sleep. 
Nature truly heals everything.
Words don’t do justice. These are the things you need to try out yourself. So I encourage you to go into the forest TODAY.


There has been loads and loads of studies how connecting with nature prevents depression, lowers blood pressure, strengthens your immune system, restores mental energy,  and reduces stress and inflammation. By spending only 15 minutes in the quiet forest you will gain some of these health benefits. Moreover, the more time you spend time in the forest the better the results are.
Lots of love,
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My Healthy Evening Routines

Previously I posted a post about my healthy morning routines. As it has been one of my most popular posts, I decided to do a healthy evening routine post as well. 
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Usually my evening routines starts with a stretch or a foam roller session or sometimes I do yoga. This is just a quick relaxation moment and a mental note that it is time to start my evening routines. And I want to be honest: I don’t always have time for this because I  need to take care of my family. But then I will stretch or use foam roll when I was Netflix. After stretching I take a shower or go to a sauna. If I have a sauna day, I will put on a honey mask. This is simple: just cleanse your face and put some honey on your face. After this, your skin will be very soft. The honey will disinfect and calm your skin if you have blemishes. 
Then it’s time for a dinner or a snack. Usually I eat a bit light in the evening. Read more here. So, what is it that I eat? If I have enough time to prepare a nice dinner I will do a salad. Basically the recipe is like this and the dressings I use are from here. I just switch  the source of protein I use. What I like about preparing salads is that you can just throw into the bowl whatever you find in your fridge. This means that you have some vegetables and fresh produce in your fridge or freezer.  
Now that our football season has started and I basically train for that, I eat a bit differently. Because I mainly train endurance, I try to eat more carbs. I have noticed improvement in my performance after I have increased my carb intake. I sleep better and also because of that my recovery is better and I have more energy in my practice. It is important to eat enough! Also the carbs I enjoy in my evening snack will improve the quality of my sleep. These sleepy carbs can be a banana, nuts, granola or oats. After my snack I drink herbal tea*. Enjoying a cup of tea in the evening is a relaxing way to let go of the day and prepare your body to a restful night. I have to say that switching any evening cravings to a just simple tea has made a big difference in my diet. After a dinner you might crave something sweet and if you allow yourself to eat something extra after every meal, you might gain weight. For me this tea* has helped and it is enough without any extra sweets.
After my snack I usually check instagram or read some blogs. However, at 7.30 pm I shut all my electronic devices and start to watch Netflix, write my Gratitude journal or just read. For me it is important to chill and enjoy the peace and quiet moments. 
Right before I go to bed I take my Magnesium*
My evening snack: granola, nuts, coconut yoghurt and berries

protein pancake and berries

How is your evening routines?
Lots of positive vibes,

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Consider This Before Taking Any Supplements..

There is a lot of controversial information and studies about supplements which may confuse people. Are they necessary? Which brands should I use? Is there any harm in taking them? As you all know I consume supplements but my intake of vitamins has reduced as I have studied about supplements. I wrote about in here.
In my opinion some supplements might give you extra boost if you live a stressful life and you are very active (this meaning working out a lot) and in some cases like if your diet is dairy-free, then definitely you should take calcium*, or if you are a vegetarian, you need vitamin B12* and in the northern countries you need vitamin D*. Besides these, there are a lot of studies about the benefits of taking probiotics to ensure your gut health. Studies about the importance of gut health has increased tremendously within last ten years. However, on other cases there are a few things you should consider before taking any supplements.
Some people may think that it won’t hurt you if you take this supplement without doing any research. You should never take supplements based on this belief! If you take a supplement, there should be a reason behind it! Although there might be studies about singular supplement, but by taking numerous supplements you never know how they react together. Supplements can harm you because there aren’t really scientific researches on the combination of supplements: if you consume 4 to 6 different supplements who know how they react together? Also, some supplements may include harmful other side ingredients. Always invest in a quality brand! Usually in the EU area the laws and regulations are stricter than in the USA.
As mentioned above, there isn’t long-term studies on supplements. If you consume high amounts of supplements for a long period of time, you will put a strain on your liver.
When buying supplements, trust your common sense. If the product sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

magnesium, probiotics, enzymes

Currently, I use probiotics*, magnesium* and enzymes*.

Lastly, before taking a dietary supplement, ask yourself:

  • What are the potential health benefits of this dietary supplement product?
  • What are its potential benefits for me?
  • Does this product have any safety risks?
  • What is the proper dose to take?
  • How, when, and for how long should I take it?

    These questions are taken from here.
    For more information about certain supplements, visit these reliable pages:
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    Until next time,

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    The Amazing Effects of Yoga

    Are you into Yoga? I sure am! But I haven’t always been..
    I started my yoga journey when we lived in Asia. Before that I had thought many times of starting yoga but I didn’t have a good opportunity. So there I was living in Malaysia with so many experienced yoga practitioners and I thought this is the right. This is it. I signed for a Hatha Yoga class. As it turned out, this was love at first sight. At the end of the lesson I couldn’t quite believe how relaxed and at peace I felt. So I continued to practise yoga at least once a week. After we moved back to Finland, I continued practising yoga when I found out about Yogaia I have used this website ever since. Nowadays I try to do yoga at least once a week from Yogaia and in the weekend mornings I do my own version of yoga. 

    Here are benefits I have gained from practising Yoga:

    • It makes me more relaxed. After I have done yoga all the tension is gone from my body.

    • When I am really stressed out, yoga helps me to calm down and it reduces muscle stiffness which I have a lot.

    • It targets all muscle groups so it is an excellent form of exercise.Whole body workout πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

    • It highlights the focus on your inner self and breathing. This in itself will force you to listen to your body and will ultimately relax you. 

    • You can focus on yourself and not on competing or comparing your performance to the other ones. This is especially important for people who are doers in life. 
    • It is good for people of all ages and fitness levels. So no matter your current shape, you can start practicing it.

    • It is low impact so it won’t put any impact on your joints. This is important if you have issues in your joints.

    • You can do it everywhere and it is low cost. There are many free yoga programs on Youtube.

      Lots of love,

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