How to solve the problem of children's skin and hair?

How to solve the problem of children’s skin and hair?

With the change of season, the winter came back and again. And as soon as it starts the skin and hair problems. Many people think that there is no need for boys’ rupaculture. But at the beginning of winter, many problems of their skin started. Hair breaks, rough and chit-chat, rashes, skin dryness, lips leap, and more of the ankle bite of feet. Generally, due to sudden changes in the skin, tolerance of skin changes, these problems are there. So today we will talk about some common problems of the skin and hair of the boys in this winter and discuss the way to release them.

The biggest problem of your skin in winter is dryness. It is so turbid after washing your mouth that it is very pleasant. After a long time, it is good to apply the cream, but after some time the excess oil becomes chitcite. As a result, it was repeatedly washed. So at the time it’s a little extra care. To reduce the dryness of the skin, use carcass attached to the skin every morning and night. Also, before sleeping, add 1/4 cup milk to 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon aloeveera gel and apply it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wash your face in hot water. This will reduce your skin dryness, your face will become more gentle and bright.

In winter many hair becomes rough and there is a kind of chitite in the hair. As a result, hair follicles burst long. So before going to sleep on winter in order to get rid of this problem, you can massage coconut oil or olive oil in the hair. Take coconut oil or olive oil in a steel bowl. Now cut a raw Amalki and mix it with it. Then heat it with a cloth on the oven and make it warm. Take a few minutes to keep the hair warm and turn the hair well and turn the finger massage with oil massage. Remember, do not wear too hot oil on your hair. It may go after hair. In the presence of hair oil all night, the roughness of the hair will be cut and the hair will glow bright.

Another problem with skin is the rash. Many times the body becomes red, like small lungs. These are usually due to winter bacteria attacks and wool clothes. They make the body irritable and uncomfortable. To get rid of this problem, shower a few bath baths everyday and take a bath with light hot water. Apart from this, you can mix antiseptical national liquids to remove water bacteria. Always try to stay warm. When wearing the wool cloth, you must take some cotton or other thin and comfortable clothes after it.

Another common problem in winter is the ankle rupture. To get rid of this, you can apply petroleum jelly to the feet before you go to bed every day. You can take a little bit of the ankle with a strong body during the bath. The dead cells will be out in it. Use regular lotions with regular moisturizers. It does not have any hands or feet.

The procedure for cleansing the color is only in 5 days

The procedure for cleansing the color is only in 5 days

All of us do not have the effort to make the color darker. And Why Not? Everyday sunlight is destroyed due to the burning rain, the beauty of the skin is going to be lost, the normal color of the skin. Today, it is natural to make skin color white, but there are some ways that you can resort to sitting at home.

Do not go to the parlor, do not have expensive cosmetic surgery. Many beauty tritments spend on skin poultry or fair polish in beauty parlor, without knowing it is a very harmful act. Because not everything is perfect on everyone’s skin, many may have side effects. On the other hand, it is not safe to make melanin surgery but to make the color bright. Then the way? The way is to adopt domestic methods. Today, 5 great fashions of naturally reducing skin color Some of these uses will show your skin a different beauty. No, do not be melodious overnight milk. But the color of the skin will be up to a few shades, which is much better than any fairness cream. The beauty of your skin will emerge. Along with acne and other skin problems will be removed. Only two weeks will see the difference!

The procedure for color whitening-

Pour the pulse of lentil and refine it. in between
Mix the egg yolks in the egg. Dry this paste in the sun. Once you are completely frozen, keep powdered and filled with dew. Before bedtime, prepare 2 teaspoons of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon milk and this powder mixed with paste. Wash the face after half an hour. After washing your mouth, take a little cotton and put it in the mouth. Wash for more than 20 minutes to wash.


Bake or powdered sesame seeds Mix this mixture with a little water and make a good paste. Scratch this Apply a white colored fluid after the filter, put it in the face, especially in the sun-burning place. Wash thoroughly after half an hour. You will get back the color of the skin soon.


To make the color of skin even more complex, talk to the face. Those whose skin is dry, they mix honey and yogurt. Keep the minute bake in the mouth, then wash it. It should be done at least three days a week.


To make oily skin brighten up, make melodic soil, smashed Padmapapri and nimapata bata and rice powder mixed with Facebook. Put on face and neck. Wash after 20 minutes. After washing, put raw milk in the mouth for more than half an hour.


Make a FacePak by mixing potato juice and raw milk. Day with the powder of sandalwood. Keep this mixture in the mouth twice a day for 20 minutes. Quick color will be bright. There is no problem even if you do not have sandal. Choose one of these methods. And follow. If you use any pack other than number 5, raw milk twice a day

Keep your face covered. Wash after 20 minutes. This will work quickly. Share with everyone. Stay active with post, comment and share on the post.

If you do, your skin will be deadly.

If you do, your skin will be deadly.

We want to be beautiful, but what should I do to keep the skin safe? Many do not do it. In the thought of keeping the skin beautiful, we forget the skin’s safety. On the contrary, our beauty and health are broken twice. So today BD is giving you in the kitchen that your skin will be at risk of serious risk. Know that there are a few things that risk your skin. Previously seen eggs in the immediate strength of the body – know when to eat, how to eat?

1) Use the Unknown Facial Pill-Off Mask

Pill-off masks are those that can be pulled out of the mouth after drying. Some pills off masks you can use easily. These are made for home use. But many people have been buying Ruppancharana products online. They might have bought a pill-off mask that sounds like a bit more powerful and only used in parlor. Their packets usually have “In-office-Strength” chemical pills written on their body. It also has the potential to burn your skin.

2) Do not create sunscreen manually

Make yourself a lot like making such a lot, making such a makeup, DIY, etc. But do not forget to create sunscreen in this way. Many people want to get ready for commercially made sunscreen, in the fear of chemicals. But to create itself, you have to use Zinc Oxide and it is not very safe at all. It is safe to buy these instead of making the house because of buying it. And if you do not want to use sunscreen, you can use sunglasses, long sleeved clothes, wide edge hats, etc.

3) Do not use multiple new converting products

By using the same product, it removes the skin. But if you start using more than one new product, your skin will suffer from discomfort and maybe an allergic reaction may occur. In that case, you will not realize that allergic reaction has occurred due to any product. Do not use more than one new product skin every day.

4) Do not use any products extra

If a little cream becomes a week, it can be reduced to a lesser amount of time. Or if you use scrubber, you can go away in one day. Though such a thought is strange, many people think that using the product more quickly will make the skin look good soon. Many people skip the skin while doing this. If you do the work that will burn the skin very quickly. So, please use your Beauty Products.

5) Wrong use of glasses

Glasses are such things that a very big time of day stays on our face. For this reason it is very important to keep the glasses clean, or the glasses in the glasses are affected by the skin. It is important to keep the part sitting on the nose in particular. Also, eyes are not bad but taking glasses – it’s bad for the skin. If you try to look at the eyes, then the eye can appear on the skin around your eyes. If you need glasses, then use it

The special juices that will make your skin beautiful and bright !!

The special juices that will make your skin beautiful and bright !!

The special juices that will make your skin beautiful and bright !!
How many things do you care for Bak, do not you? But know today, the main beauty of the skin is that it comes from inside. And a great beneficial for the skin is liquid foods. Not only water, there are some juices which increase the skin’s thirst as well as increase the skin’s thirst. Let’s know about some of the juices that you have come to know.

Apple juice

There is no comparison of apple juice to brighten the skin. Apple antioxidants remove the ring and remove the age of the skin. It also softens the skin.

Beat Juice

The great combination of Iron, Potassium, Copper, Vitamin C is Beat Juice. Beat juice has anti-inflammatory ingredients that keep skin better and bright while keeping our liver better.

Carrot juice

Carrots play a very important role in increasing the brightness of the skin. In the carrots there are beta ceratinas that eliminate the skin erosion of the skin and prevent the aging of the skin. Vitamin A helps to strengthen tissue, eyes, bones and teeth in our body.

Grapes juice

Our favorite grapes are antioxidants which remove the acne as well as remove the age-old skin from the skin. There is no substitute for carrot juice to shine from the skin.

Parsley leaf juice

Parsley is a herb which can be added to any juice. Again, if you want, you can also eat it with juice. The leaves on the surface protect our skin from any infection and protect the skin. It contains vitamins that help to shine from the skin.
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Dry whitewash with 3 food!

Dry whitewash with 3 food!

If you have a glance on your teeth, you do not like to see it at all. But many times the teeth are cleaned well every day, but the teeth do not want to get rid of diarrhea. The main reason for this is that some foods cause stains to stomach and the diarrhea becomes permanent for a little negativity every day. The solution to this problem is 3 foods. Surprised? It is astonishing, however, that with some food in the house, it is very easy to overcome the pain in the diarrhea easily.

1) Use of bay leaf
Pour the bay leaf powder. Combine this bay leaf with lime or orange lemon juice. Mix well and make powder like powder. Brush the tooth with a common toothpaste brush with this powder. In a few minutes you will get white teeth whitening.

2) Strawberry
It is very delicious to whiten the fruit with its teeth. Pour 2/3 strawberries well. Blanch the strawberry grind with this grinded well. Thus, use twice a day for two weeks. You will see a lot of white teeth.

3) Hull powders
Many people are responsible for the yellow color of yellow or yellow teeth. Actually, it is not only, but it is very effective to whiten yellow tooth. The origin of the haluds Take a yellow beet or turmeric powder mixed with a little water and paste it with paste and brush your teeth with this paste. You will get very quick white rhythm.

– The methods of whitening these types of teeth are very effective immediately. But do not use these methods too often and often. This may cause damage to the dental enamel.
– It is better not to use these methods if face and mouth are infections.
– Dentist can be displaced without neglecting the dentist.