Is there addiction? Then know physical harm

 Is there addiction? Then know physical harm

Is there addiction? Then know physical harm
Young people started watching porn pictures before they could understand the goodness. However, due to regular viewing of the body, there is a strange change in the body from the brain to the unknown, which later influences the personal life of a person. According to a New York Post report by the state-based press, there may be five types of changes in a person’s body due to viewing porn. Let’s see if the changes …

1. The biggest impact on viewing porn is to fall on the brain. Valerie Vaughan, a neurocystritist at the University of Cambridge, told that extra pains have an effect on the brain, which is less in some parts of drug addiction.

2. One of the habits of one can change slowly Pallon. If you have regular and over-the-counter pain, then the heliocentin can work on your body. This will take a lot of time to hold any object, subject or name brain.

3. Seeing porn can be very naturally excited. In that case, imagine your partner in another way. When you reach such a situation, it will very naturally be your distance with a loved one.

4. Studies have shown that excessive tendency to watch pornography has a great effect on human memory. Only a few things can get out of the head. Because the amount of pain that controls the nerves and causes pressure on it, it can lead to memory loss.

5. Starting to see regular sex, a dependency starts to develop. The body will be excited at a specific time interval, although no physical demand is made. That is, watching porn will be a habit, which can not be controlled in any way by one’s own body and mind.

The food that is eaten

The food that is eaten

The food that is eaten hair!
By the age of 20 or 25, head hair is getting white. Head hair can be white for several reasons. Genetic reason may be, or vitamin deficiency may be a major cause. Hair can also be eaten due to smoking. But there are also some foods that may make the hair white. Below are the names of a few foods that will not cover your hair for at least 50 years if you avoid it-

1) Sugar and salt-
Sugar or any food that contains excessive sugar such as soft drinks and junk food can be cooked in the hair before it is matured. Vitamin E decreases in the body by eating sugar. Vitamin E is the most important vitamin that controls the hair growth. Instead of synthetic sweets, natural sugar is found in various fruits, vegetables and sweet potatoes, but it is very beneficial for the body. In order to maintain normal body fluids, salt is very important. But it plays a lot of impact on the body.

2) Monosodium Glutamate-
Generally we know the sugar which is used in processed foods to increase the taste. Sometimes playing a small amount does not cause much damage. But if it is eaten regularly, it will be seen in a few days. Hair was white before the age of the boy. So avoid avoided processed foods that will not only reduce your weight but also keep the hair black for a long time.

3) Animal protein-
Even if you eat too much meat, fish or eggs but your hair may be grayed out in the near future. Our digestive system can not digest many kinds of antimal protein, which results in uric acid. Hair loss is due to excess uric acid production in the body. So try to eat the right amount of meat or fish.

4) Foods with color and sugar-
These types of food are so lucrative to see that what they can do to damage our body. In addition to the many losses of the body, the hair will become white before the age of the play. So think about the next time you eat a velvet cake or pestry.

Youth Retention Tips

Youth Retention Tips

We all want to keep youth alive. But it is not a word of mouth to change the changes in appearance with age. For him, follow the rules and follow some routines. Then in 40 you will not feel like twine, but you can not even consume it in the old age.

1. The key to maintaining youth is the healthy, rusty body. And there is no alternative for this walk. Walk at least half an hour daily Not just listening to music on mobile, walking around the clock with brisk walks. As a result, blood circulation will be good in the body, the heart will be good. Controlling problems like heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, pressure. As a result, you will need to wear neatly.

2. Keep at least one seasonal fruit every day in the diet. However, if you eat mango, banana, pineapple, jackfruit, then you need to increase your weight more than ten years of age. Besides, fruits are also nutritious. There are fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, which increase the nutritional and immunity of the body. And keeps you fresh.

3) Exclude green vegetables from daily diet but can not be done. Vegetable play also has physical improvements, including mental progress. People can control emotions. Overall, overall health is good.

4. Never lose breakfast because you do not want to lose weight or simply want it. But the metabolism of the body is getting more hungry by the system’s noise. And we used to eat at times to eat and eat, we bring harm to ourselves.

5. To maintain youth, sweet foods should be avoided as far as possible. There are plenty of carbohydrate and fat in foods like chocolate, pastry, brownie, ice cream, which increase diabetes and cholesterol in the body. So they eat as much as possible. Do not say that sugar from the diet will not be completely cut off. Eat a little while regularly. Then the energy level of the body remains perfect. There will be feelings of body-spontaneous spontaneity.

6. The first signs of aging are seen on our skin. Skin disorders, lean-to-skin problems begin after 35 years So take care of the skin as per rule 30 age. Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing Rose makes rules. And after 30s use anti-aging cream. Face massage at least twice a month. But if you do not need it then do not facial. Keep in mind that the light of the sun does not appear on the skin in the daytime. To protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it is important to use sunflower cream for 30 CFMs or more.

7. Remove excess body weight. Excessive weight aggravates people very quickly. Even less confidence even reduces. It is possible to keep youth alive due to excessive weight loss by regular exercise and control of food. It stopped eating completely, but it would be contrary to the opposite. By the end of all the glamor of the body, your face will fall into the premature aging.

8. Stay in the sunlight for a long time in order to get a healthy long life and youth. Vitamin D which is strong in the sun’s light, which strengthens the bone. And also reduces stress and exhaustion.

9. Try to sleep every day for seven to eight hours. You will be benefited if you have a light exercise habit with it.

10. Exclude alcohol, cigarettes, or any other addictive drugs.

11. Avoid Stress. Stress too has an age-old impression in the face.

12. Need mentality Accept this fact as the age progresses. Change yourself over time. Try to stay happy with what you have. Extremely high desire to get rid of life completely. You will be good, you can keep everyone around.

Increase physical energy to eat

Increase physical energy to eat

Most men are suffering from lack of physical energy recently due to the serious harmful effects of eating habits. In order to increase physical strength, side-effects of medicinal techniques and psychological therapies are now almost outdated. Nowadays, physical energy consumption is naturally considered to be very effective in increasing this energy.

To be happy in married life, be careful about everyday food. Because there is a good understanding between husband and wife for a happy married life as well as healthy physical relationships. In that era, natural food is considered to be very effective.

Studies have shown that keeping regular milk, eggs and honey in the food list and living a systematic life will not suffer from physical weakness. Besides, what we need to eat more in strength is highlighted in our report today for our readers-

1. Garlic-

If you have physical problems, now make regular eating habits of garlic. The effect of the nutritional quality of garlic is universally recognized in order to increase the physical strength of both men and women. There is an element called alice in garlic which increases blood flow to the body’s senses.

2. Egg-

An extraordinary food egg to remove physical weakness. Every morning, do not eat at least 5 days a week and cook 1 egg. This will solve your weaknesses.

3. Vitamin C National Fruit-

If you want to maintain physical health, keep colorful fruits on the food list every day. Grapes, orange lime, watermelon, pitch etc. are extremely beneficial for the increase in physical power. The effect of watermelon in this result is more.

4. Milk-

The foods which contain a lot of animal-fat natural food improves physical energy. For example, pure milk, milk powder, butter etc. Most people want to avoid fat foods. But if you want to increase the amount of physical energy hormones you need a lot of fat food. But all should be natural and saturated fat.

5. Honey-

Everyone knows less about the quality of the physical weakness and the quality of the quality. So at least 3/4 days per week to increase physical strength, drink 1 glass of hot water and mix 1 spoon pure honey.

6. Banana-

The collar contains vitamins A, B, C and potassium. Vitamin B and potassium gain physical power. Bromelian is also in the fray. Which is also helpful in raising testosterone levels in the body. Above all, there are plenty of carbohydrates that increase your body strength. This will not result in fatigue.

Thousands of mother's life will save new drugs

Thousands of mother’s life will save new drugs

The World Health Organization (WHO) has discovered a new drug. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that many newly discovered drugs will survive the lives of many mothers. The effectiveness of these medicines will be effective for up to a thousand days at a higher temperature. Of these, the drug will not be wasted at high temperatures.

It is seen that many mothers bleed after the birth of a newborn. It is known that the drug is severely effective in stopping the bloodshed. Besides, the drug tolerates more temperature. The name of the drug is carbotacin.

Every year 70 thousand women die due to bloodshed. In the current market, the mother’s bleeding stoppage of birth of a newborn baby is not effective at all. The World Health Organization advised to give oxytocin injections to release them from the current medical treatment.